About us

SRT Training is a dynamic training provider based in surrey specialising in awarding body qualifications  in physical intervention, handcuffing and the emergency response belt, delivered by a dedicated team of operational healthcare professionals we are one of the leading authorities on the use of physical intervention and restraint equipment in healthcare and education settings. At SRT Training LTD we are not a one size fits all training provider and our training courses are adaptable so that we can provide you with the most appropriate training package to ensure both your staff and your service users are kept safe.

Our mission

Our mission at SRT Training LTD is to provide industry leading training that’s fit for purpose, that’s why our training is adaptable so that regardless of what kind of setting your staff are working in we are dedicated to providing the training that meets all your needs and expectations, this is backed up by our four core values;

  • training is legally accurate
  • training is ethical
  • our training is safe
  • training works in real life scenarios